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Interview Success

    • Are you preparing for an upcoming job interview?
    • Do you fear that you will freeze or forget to mention something important?
    • Is this interview really important to you?
    • Do you fear that other candidates may be better suited for the job?
    • Do you want to make sure that you will present yourself in the best possible light and to persuade the interviewers that you’re the right person for the job?

    Job interviews are stressful, especially if you’re in a situation where this particular interview can be life-changing – if it’s your dream job, or a much better paid position. Your skill set matches the job description, perhaps you’re even better equipped than most of the other candidates, but it’s not your resume that will finally decide on whether you’ll get the job. It’s your performance, it’s how you will present yourself and your skills. and that’s where you fear you could fail.

    This fear can actually cost you the position, so be sure that you are fully present and in your peak condition when you face the interviewers. Hypnosis can help you to stay calm and to better focus during the interview – when you’re in that room, you will have no other ally than your own mind, so make sure it’s fully functional in this stressful situation.

    Through hypnosis your mind will receive suggestions that will program it to make sure that you don’t sabotage yourself and that your performance is flawless. These suggestions will be given to you in a state of deep relaxation, when your mind is very open and responsive to them, so it’s possible to change your thought processes even in a short period of time before the interview and to adopt those that will benefit you the most.