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Your body is your home. You live in it every day.

To keep your home a comfortable place to be you need to keep suppling it with a good quality power source and make sure it is clean and taken care of. If it’s been damaged you need to make repairs where possible but it’s best of course to keep it in the best condition daily.

Just like your house, your body can take the odd knock and scuff. However, continued damaging behavior will eventually become non-repairable.

The best way that we can ensure our bodies have the resources available to them to protect, grow, cleanse and repair is through what we put in the them.

Nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks are the best fuel and defense we can give our bodies.

I do not like using the terminology ‘diet’.

Unfortunately, in this modern westernized world, the word ‘diet’ conjures up thoughts of fad, expensive, restrictive and hard to follow.

Most fad ‘diets’ require you in invest in name branded products, strange ingredients or restrict you from real wholesome food leaving you with pills, potions, hunger and an empty bank account.

We are designed to eat.

There is nothing wrong with eating.

You are allowed to enjoy eating!

Snacking is ok!

What our bodies struggle with is high amounts of factory created foods, fats, sugars and meats. When these foods/products enter our system, our body gets confused and often uses and stores parts of these foods when it doesn’t need too. Our body also has to defend itself from the artificially created chemicals, many which are toxic or in an unnatural form, and try to filter them through our organs and then dispose of them. This process puts additional strain on systems that are already busy dealing with the everyday tasks of keeping your body functioning and healing.

When the body is over strained it lets through chemicals, toxins and fats that it would normally not store or allow into parts of our systems. This makes your body a toxic home for you.

When your body is toxic it can’t keep up with natural processes and jobs that it should do. It doesn’t notice hidden nasties which take hold and sometimes collect together. These include: free radicals, cholesterols and heavy metals among others.

So, what should you do?

It’s really simple. Start making some changes to your everyday meals and snacks. You don’t really need me to tell you what’s good for you.

Fruits especially berries, assorted vegetables, beans and pulses, nuts, whole grains and plenty of water.

You know this already. It’s just great advertising that makes you think you want so many factory made ‘foods’.

If you’re not ready to make too many radical changes to your food life then start with little changes. Have some blueberries, grapes or an apple for your afternoon snack instead of that chocolate bar. Keep a bag of nuts at your desk or in the car for your journey instead of that bag of sweets. In the place of that can of fizzy sugar or ‘diet’ drink grab a fruit smoothie or better still good old water. If you don’t like plain water then throw in some mint or a squeeze of lemon or lime. You can also try fizzy mineral water if it’s the fizz you miss. But try to avoid the ones that have sweeteners and artificial flavours, you don’t want to add chemicals as you’re trying to help your body have an easier life.

At dinner add an extra portion of vegetables – yes extra! I’m not telling you to starve yourself.

Greens, broccoli and red cabbage are the best but at this stage whatever vegetables you enjoy add them in.

If you’re getting too full then you might want to start adjusting the portions of the other foods on your plate.

Another simple and good thing to try to do is to start to reduce your salt intake. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out flavour. Try adding spices or herbs or even chilli sauce if you like to zing things up. Spices and herbs also have great concentrations of antioxidants so they are good for you too.

As time goes on you will find that you don’t need your food to be as salty as you used to like. Your taste buds renew themselves regularly. As you teach the new buds new flavours that is what they will like.

Look out for more ideas and info soon.

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