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Sound Relaxation in Bournemouth and Surrounding Areas

Gong Bath Bournemouth

Gong Bath and Crystal Bowls

Sound Gong Bath

Please come and join me for a group Gong bath in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Lyndhurst and surrounding areas or a one to one private session.
I currently have a collection of fourteen gongs including a Flower of Life gong, a selection of Planet Gongs, several Symphonic Gongs, a 40" wind gong and a continuously expanding range of other sound healing and relaxation instruments to create a complete sound experience. These include chimes, drums, crystal bowls, himalayan bowls, ocean drum, rattles, shruti, wah wah's, rainsticks, full set of Koshis and more.
These are used for sound therapy known as a Gong Bath because you are bathed in sound during the session.This time is used to allow the different frequencies to work on different parts of you mind, body and spirit.

Sound has been used in ceremony and healing for thousands of years. Science is now starting to prove its benefits. Your body is made up mostly of water which is a magnificent medium for sound waves to travel through. Like dropping a pebble into a lake. The sound waves can break down blockages, assist healing, regrowth and detoxify you from the inside.

A session consists of a client laying down (or seated if physically preferred) with eyes closed, head resting on a pillow wrapped in a blanket in a tranquil atmosphere.
I will then use a selection of sound healing instruments, primarily gongs, to create a relaxing and healing space in which you will feel safe, relaxed and cocooned within the sounds.

Each person's experience is unique to them. Some people use the time just to relax, others to meditate, others have visual journeys and others use the time and sound waves to assist the body with healing itself. This time is uniquely yours for you to let go of everyday life and allow yourself to relax and heal. Remember healing is necessary not just on a physical level but also emotionally and this time allows you to do this. Both are important to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I am also available for festivals, community groups, corporate and workplace relaxation and meditation groups.

Sound and Gong Bath Healing Meditation

Contact Mel for bookings or info:
07878 481336

Group session costs vary depending on venue and size of group starting from £10pp. 
Or fixed price for private group.

Please contact me to to discuss costing for festivals, corporate and workplace relaxation, community and meditation groups.
Gong Bath Bournemouth