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6th January Gong Bath, Southbourne

Posted on 28 December, 2017 at 10:35

Come and allow yourself to be bathed in the healing meditative sounds of sacred instruments.

During this event you will lay down and experience a wondrous journey through sound frequencies.

The healing and relaxing vibrations will entrain with your mind, body and spirit letting you

have a full holistic experience.

This is a special time of immersion allowing you to fully let go and giving the time for sounds to completely wash over and through you.

Gongs will be the primary instruments used with crystals bowls, wah wahs, rainsticks and other smaller instruments to aid your journey.

Bring with you something to lie on (eg yoga mat, folded duvet, lounger cushion) a pillow and a cosy blanket to make you feel fully comfortable during your experience.

Bottled water will be supplied at the end of the session to help rehydrate you and flush any toxins released.

You can also chose a tumblestone crystal as a gift to keep with you for the evening, which you can take home to use for reflection and meditation.

Please ensure you arrive by 7:15pm as the doors will be closed at 7:30pm.

Due to the nature of this event we do not want your meditation to be disturbed.


Please note The Beehive Studio has changed it's name to Back to Fitness Studio.

The Venue is at the same location.


£10 Cash on the Door

Concessions available if arranged in advance.


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