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Sound Relaxation in Bournemouth and Surrounding Areas

Gong Sound Bath Sound Relaxation Meditation

Harmony Healing uses complimentary therapies 

and natural frequencies to aid 

self healing for the mind, body and spirit.

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"If you want to find the 

Secrets of the Universe 

think in terms of 

Energy, Frequency and Vibration." 

- Nikola Tesla

There are currently no Gong Baths Scheduled

I just enjoyed a lovely 'Gong bath' evening! 

Mel is very skilled and creates a gently guided experience for the group in a way which allows for the different ways people will connect with the sound journey. 

A grounded and intuitive facilitator, I highly recommend. 


J.F. New Forest

The aim of Harmony Healing is to use vibrational frequencies and energies from
various sources to aid your mind, body or spirit with emotional, physical or
spiritual relaxation in a natural, complimentary and gentle way.

Healing sounds are an amazing way to help you to just relax or to assist your body with relaxation.

Mel is a Sound and Gong Practitioner and a member of The College of Sound Healing.
She has trained in Sound and Gong healing, Assemblage Point Realignment, Divine Energy Healing and Reiki.
She has a passion for and works with a large collection of crystals and she is also a silversmith.
Mel is fully certified for group and individual sessions.

Sound Gong Bath
Mel Harmony MCOSH RMT
07878 481336
Primarily the format used for a relaxation session is commonly called a Gong bath. 
I often also refer to it as a Sonic Massage.
Clients lie comfortably on a mat, with a pillow and a blanket while gongs, crystal bowls and other 
instruments are used to create an atmosphere of calm.
 Different frequencies will be produced to help induce a state of relaxation. 
These frequencies can entrain with the brain encouraging delta or theta state. 
When the mind can let go in this way it can allow for a time of regeneration on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

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Sound Gong Baths by Harmony healing. 
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